Gloss & Grain provides a full Interior Design service.

Including; concept design, design development, documentation, project management and furniture selection.


Commercial Design

“Design speaks volumes about your brand”


Many businesses underestimate how much their company is judged by their physical presence and Gloss & Grain is here to help.
Our work starts with extensive research that allows us to understand your unique image and what sets you apart from your competitors. We then work to create beautiful yet practical designs that reflect your brand’s core message.
While we respect the limitations any space may present, we also believe in challenging boundaries to encourage the most creative result. At Gloss & Grain we are committed to implementing sustainable design options when possible.
We take a holistic approach to projects, and are constantly mindful of the relationship between the built environment and the health and well-being of your employees and customers alike.
Gloss & Grain prefer when possible, to support and collaborate with local designers, builders, architects and manufacturers. We are passionate about design and creating an interior that will not only surpass your expectations, but enhance the way you live.


Residential Design

“Our top priority is you”


At Gloss & Grain, we believe your home tells the story of your identity.
Our designs reflect the desires of our clients and how they want to live and we believe the experience should be a positive one. Our priority is always to create a unique & beautiful space, built with a focus on your individual needs.
High attention to detail and meticulous documentation, ensures that projects are not only completed accurately- but on time. We believe in transparency, where cost is involved- providing you with a full list of services and fees, giving you complete control of what you spend.


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